Friday, 15 April 2016

Henry 1200W Vacuum Cleaner Review

By far the best hoover ever has to be the Henry 1200W vacuum cleaner, as our extensive review below reveals. You can read more about the Henry 1200W at and even see a video of it in action and get the best price to buy it at.

The 1200W power from the Henry range is called the Henry Xtra. This vacuum cleaner is know to be a great pet hoover.

Henry 1200W Review

The first major selling point for the Henry 1200W Xtra vacuum cleaner is that it is just so cheap, and such good value for money.

Not only is this vacuum a lot cheaper than others on the market, but they last a really long time too. These things can last 30 years, just read the reviews at and you will find out.

Like I said, this is the best vacuum cleaner that you can buy for sucking up pet hair, the 1200W motor is very powerful indeed, so powerful in fact that it can get stuck to the carpet.

Fear not though, the Henry 1200W Xtra vacuum has two power modes, you can hoover in hi or lo mode, if the suction is too powerful for you, just flip the vacuum into lo mode, problem solved.

Does your current vacuum cleaner kick out some nasty smells? If so, fear not, the Henry 1200W Xtra has a very effective filtration system which de odorises bad smells and stops dust and dirt flying back out the bag.

The vacuum cleaner has a really very long 10 meter cable too, this will enable you to clean all the house without having to unplug and re plug in all the time.

Even though the Henry Xtra is small, lightweight and easy to move around, it actually has a surprisingly big capacity for dirt and dust. The little barrel can actually hold a huge 9 litres of dirt, sweet.

So why would you buy the Henry Xtra over the original and cheaper Henry. Well, as the name suggests, it comes with a load of added extras.

The Henry 1200W Xtra comes with three, yes three floor tools, this means that you can hoover on all soft and hard surfaces including carpets, lino, laminate floors and loads more.

The super effective power brush, which comes free with the Henry Xtra by the way, has a really fast rotating brush inside the suction pad, this is very effective at picking up cat and dog hair.

You know that you have got yourself a robust and well made vacuum cleaner when you see loads of trades people using these vacuums. Just keep an eye out when you are next out and about, you will surely see a Henry around if you do.

Not only is the Henry 1200W Xtra cheap to buy in the first instance, but it is rather very cheap to maintain too. Basically, replacement bags and filters are dirt cheap to buy new. A large 10 pack of numatic bags is around £7, a replacement filter will cost just £6. They are so simple to change too, keeping things simple really does work here.

With the many attachments that you get with the Henry Xtra you will be able to hoover in all those hard to get to places around the home. You can see the full list of tools and attachments that come with the Henry Xtra over at, you can also see a video of this vacuum in action too.

The only problem that I can find with the Henry Xtra is the fact that it is low down, people with a bad back might find this a problem. Although there is a solution, you can just shuffle the vacuum along with your feet as you go, this can be done as the vacuum is mounted on four wheels.

More Henry Vacuum Cleaners

The Henry 1200W Xtra vacuum is just one from the complete Henry range, it is a dry hoover only, you can get a wet and dry Henry vacuum, this is called the Charles and is super effective and carpet cleaning.